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Miele and Bosch 35mm wide Upholstery Tool / 32-1704-05


Miele and Bosch 35mm wide, In Body Upholstery Tool Attachment # 32-1704-05 / Part No: 32-1740-05


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  • Title: Miele and Bosch 35mm wide Upholstery Tool / 32-1704-05
  • Models: Vacuums including Miele Style G, Miele S400i-S456i, Miele S600-S658, Miele S800-S858, Miele S500-S5999, Miele S40, Miele S412 Profi, Miele S428 Allergy Controll Vac, Miele S434 White Pearl, Miele S624 Deluxe Full Size, Miele S658 Blue Moon, Miele S5201 Ariel, Miele S5280 Pisces, Miele S5280 Callisto, Miele S5380 Gemini, Miele S5283 Park Avenue, Miele S5580 Aquarius, Miele S5980 Capricorn, Miele S5381 Leo, Miele S5481 Earth, Miele S5281 Jubilee, Bosch C2222, Bosch F1360, Bosch F1370, Bosch P81360, Bosch P81380
  • part no :32-1740-05

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