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Replacement Micro Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags to fit Panasonic Types U, U-3, U-6-9 Bags # 816-9



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Replacement Micro Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags to fit Panasonic Types U, U-3, U-6-9 Bags # 816-9, MC-115PT, MC-V145M, MC-115P, MC-V145MT, AC16KBYTZ000

Fits Models:  Panasonic U3 MC-5100-5199, MC-5200-5299, MC-5300-5399, MC-5500-5599, MC-5700-5799, MC- 6200- 6299, MC-6300-6399, MC-6600-6699, MC-6700-6799, MC-6800-6899, MC-6900-6999, MC-7300-7399, MC-7400-7499, MC-V5000-5099, MC-V5100-5199, MC-V5200-5299, MC-V5300-5399, MC-V5500-5599, MC-V5700-5799, MC-V 6200- 6299, MC-V6300-6399, MC-V6600-6699, MC-V6700-6799, MC-V6800-6899, MC-V6900-6999, MC-V7300-7399, MC-V7400-7499 Including Model #MC5107, MC5111, MC5116, MC5117, MC5121, MC5131, MC5150, MC51501, MC5157, MC5177, MC5190, MC51901, MC5210, MC5217, MC5220, MC5230, MC5237, MC5250, MC5277, MC5510, MC5517, MC6210, MC6215, MC6220, MC6225, MC6230, MC6250, MC6255, MC6317, MC6327, MC6367, MC6377, MC6640, MC6647, MC6810, MC6837, MC6855, MCV5005, MCV5017, CV5107, MCV5190, MCV5207, MCV5315, MCV5335, MCV5375, MCV5390, MCV5502, MCV6255, MCV6307, MCV6602, MCV660201, MCV6807, MCV6830, MCV6840, MCV6847, MCV6915, MCV6965, MCV7305, MCV7312, MCV7335, MCV7337, MCV7347, MCV7357, MCV7365, MCV7367, MCV7375, MCV7377, MCV7388, MCV7395, MCV7428, Panasonic Commercial MCV210, MCV225, MCV5204, MCV5504, MCV6603, Panasonic U6 MC/MC-5100-5199, 5200-5299, 5300-5399, 5500-5599, 5700-5799, 6200- 6299, 6300-6399, 6600-6699, 6800-6899, 6900-6999, 7300-7399, Series Including model MCV5005, MCV5037, MCV5247, MCV5258, MCV5267, MCV5268, MCV5278, MCV5297, MCV5710, MCV5725, MCV5734, MCV5744, MCV605, MCV7311, MCV7314, MCV7400D, MC-UG383, MC5501, MC6601, MC6602, MC-UG371, MC-V110, MC-V110 00, MC-V120, MC-V150, MC-V200, MC-V210, MC-V210 00, MC-V215, MC-V215 00, MC-V225, MC-V300, MC-V315, MC-V315 00, MC-V325, MC-V400, MC-V5003, MC-V500300, MC-V5005, MC-V5005-00, MC-V5005-01, MC-V5005-02, MC-V5009-00, MC-V5017, MC-V5027, MC-V503700, MC-V511000, MC-V5203, MC-V5204, MC-V5209-00, MC-V5210-00, MC-V5227, MC-V5238, MC-V5239-00, MC-V5241-00, MC-V5247, MC-V5248, MC-V5257, MC-V5258, MC-V525800, MC-V526100, MC-V5267, MC-V526700, MC-V5268, MC-V526800, MC-V5269-00, MC-V527100, MC-V5278, MC-V5278-00, MC-V5297, MC-V529700, MC-V5370, MC-V5502, MC-V5504, MC-V5710, MC-V5715, MC-V5716, MC-V5720, MC-V5725, MC-V5726, MC-V5730, MC-V5740, MC-V5744, MC-V5746, MC-V5750, MC-V5760, MC-V6602, MC-V6980, MC-V6985, MC-V7305, MC-V7309, MC-V7311, MC-V731100, MC-V7312, MC-V7314, MC-V7314-01, MC-V7325, MC-V7335, MC-V7341, MC-V7347, MC-V7348, MC-V7355, MC-V7357, MC-V7358, MC-V7365, MC-V7367, MC-V7370, MC-V737002, MC-V7375, MC-V7377, MC-V738002, MC-V7385, MC-V7387, MC-V7388, MC-V7389, MC-V7390, MC-V739002, MC-V7395, MC-V7398, MC-V7399, MC-V7400D, MC-V7407D, MC-V7418D, MC-V7428, MC-V7501, MC-V7505, MC-V7515, MC-V7521, MC-V7522, MC-V752200, MC-V7531 which take U, U3, U6 Bags

Part no : 816-9


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