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Hoover Upholstery Nozzle With Litter Picker for Upright Canister Vacuum / 43414057

Brand: Hoover

Part No: 43414057

Quantity: 1 Pack

Product Information

The Package contains: 1 Pack

Product Name :

Hoover Upholstery Nozzle With Litter Picker for Upright Canister Vacuum / 43414057

Part Number :


Quantity :

1 Pack


12 in stock

12 in stock

About : Hoover Upholstery Nozzle With Litter Picker for Upright Canister Vacuum / 43414057

Product Information

Product Name :

Hoover Upholstery Nozzle With Litter Picker for Upright Canister Vacuum / 43414057

Part Number :


Quantity :

1 Pack

Weight :

7 Ounce

This Product Works With Following Vacuum Models

Works With Vacuum Models : S3291, U3223-9, U3225; U4007, U4009, U4017, U4019, U4021, U4301-9, U4403, Hoover U7043, Hoover U7047, Hoover U45339, Hoover U429030, Hoover U4014079, Hoover U4147002, Hoover U4251930, Hoover U4283970, Hoover U4599900, Hoover U4701970, Hoover U4719900, Hoover U7033, C2094 Commercial Portable Canisters - Portapower, CH30000- Commercial Portable Canisters - Portapower, U6041- Hoover Dial-a-Matic Upright, S3641- Windtunnel Canister Cleaner, S3139- Windtunnel Canister Cleaner, S3299, S3391, S3410, 975, S3483, S3487, S3491, S3493 Canister, S3509, S3510, S3511, S3515, S3519, S3520, S3527, S3535, S3549, S3553, S3555- Futura/ Spectrum, S3557, S3561, S3563, S3565, S3567, S3569, S3575, S3577, S3585, S3601- PowerMax Bagged Canister, S3603- PowerMax Supreme, S3605-PowerMax Caninster, S3606- PowerMax Canister, S3607- PowerMax Deluxe Canister, S3608- PowerMax Canister, S3609- PowerMax Canister, S3610- PowerMax Canister, S3611- PowerMax Canister, S3612- PowerMax Canister, S3613- PowerMax Canister, S3614- PowerMax Canister, S3615- PowerMax Canister, S3620, S3630- Bagged WindTunnel Canister, S3635- Canister, S3636, S3639- WindTunnel Bagged Canister, S3640- Canister, S3646- WindTunnel, S3649, S3655- WindTunnel, S3661, S5533, S5535, S5539, S7065, U3101- Concept, U3103, 1098, U3109, U3305, U3329- Concept, U3339, U3345, 1124, U4005, Hoover U4027, Hoover U4031, Hoover U4033, Hoover U4035, U4047, Hoover U4053, Hoover U4059, Hoover U4069, Hoover U4075, Hoover U4077, Hoover U4085, Hoover U4087, Hoover U4089, Hoover U4091, Hoover U4093, U4101, U4103, U4113, U4119, Hoover U4125, U4151, U4153, U4201, U4203, U4205, U4245, Hoover U4307, U4309, U4313, Hoover U4321, Hoover U4329, Hoover U4337, Hoover U4353, Hoover U4359, U4361, U4369, 1204, U4383, U4391, Hoover U4405, U4423, Hoover U4445, Hoover U4447, U4455, Hoover U4457, Hoover U4459, Hoover U4461-9, U4463, U4465, U4467- Hoover Elite 200, Hoover U4469, Hoover U4471, Hoover U4473, Hoover U4481, Hoover U4483; U4485, Hoover U4495, 1227, Hoover U4501, U4503, U4505, Hoover U4507, Hoover U4509, Hoover U4511, Hoover U4517, Hoover U4519, Hoover U4521, Hoover U4523, Hoover U4525, Hoover U4595, Hoover U4597, U4601, Hoover U4723, Hoover S5713, Hoover S5711, Hoover S5701, Hoover S5697, Hoover S5513, Hoover S5511, Hoover S5509, Hoover S5507, C1065, C1067, C1123, C1125, C1401, C2075, C2089- Commercial Portable Canisters - Shoulder Vac, S1015- Canister, S1029- Canister, S1049, S1075, S1079, S1221, S1347, S3001, S3199, S3201, S3203, 932, S3217, S3237, S3239- Celebrity Canister, S3261, S3269, S3271, S3273, S3277, S3279, S3281- Dimension Canister, S3283- Canister, 959, U6003, Hoover U6007, U6039, Hoover U7019, Hoover U7033, U7037, Hoover U7045, Hoover U7055, Hoover U7059, U7063, Hoover U7075, Hoover U7077

Vacuum Cleaning Tips / Vacuuming Tips


Clean your filters regularly

Keeping vacuum filters clean is important for max efficiency. Check the filters frequently and clean and replace them as required.

Change the bag

Vacuum cleaners can only devour material if air can flow through the bag, so check it frequently.

Listen to the tone

Often the vacuum itself will allow you to know there’s a clog or blockage. Listen for a change within the sound, and check for blockages.

Don’t forget the sides

Dust and debris will gather along the sides of an area. Improve your customer’s experience by not just vacuuming the middle of the space.

Avoid cord damage

Coil the cable ranging from the machine end a day. That way it won’t get twisted and damaged within the future.

Keep it clean

Use a humid cloth to wash the vacuum inside and out. this may keep it in fitness and clean equipment also makes a far better impression on your clients, your staff, and therefore the public.

How To Keep Your Vacuum in Working Condition All The Time


Check the brush roll frequently as it will not spin properly if there is any hair or string tangled into it.


You can either remove these objects when the roll is in place or you can directly remove the roll from the vacuum cleaner and deep clean it.


A clean brush roll will always make sure that your vacuum cleaner works smoothly.


The drive belt is a delicate component of your vacuum that allows the brush roll to spin and help remove dirt and debris whenever you vacuum.


If you notice any damage in the belt it is always better to replace the belt for a better vacuum experience.


To replace the belt, refer to the instructions given in the guide.


Make sure you clean the filter regularly and if you have a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, it is very important to clean the filter as it helps improve your indoor air quality.


By keeping the filter clean, it ensures that the air that you breathe in is fresh and clean.


As we all know fresh air is very important for the mind as well as for the body.

Quality Assurance

Hoover Upright Canister With Litter Picker Vacuum Upholstery Nozzle # 43414057 / Part No: 43414057

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